Welcome to Soyuzonline Uganda-Your learning and academic platform! We are happy to welcome you to our learning educational portal where we offer services in the field of Academics but especially in the field of languages. Our teaching methods have always been cherished by our learners and our products (Graduates) are very much sought for due to their high competence and proficiency in their respective languages of communication.

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Soyuzonline is one of the leading language institutions in Uganda and it is our conviction that even the ongoing academic programs must be kept under microscopic analysis and the curriculum be made a living entity with a built in phenomena of improvement and perfection.

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UShs. 920,000
German Language

German Language is one of the most loved languages at Soyuzonline Language Center. We teach all levels i.e. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

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UShs. 920,000
Russian Language

Russian language was the first language to be offered at our Language Center. We offer all levels from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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UShs. 920,000
English Language

English is one of the recently favored languages at our center orchestrated by the recent influx of refugees from DR  Congo, South Sudan and Somalia  who are required to learn the language. 

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Professional Choice

We have very qualified and professional language teachers, most of which are native speakers.

Central Location

Located in the heart of Kampala, the capital of Uganda, with ample parking area, anyone can reach us easily using any available means of transport.

Wide range of Courses

We teach over 15 different languages, which can't be offered in any East African country.


We have won hearts of many learners who once entered our gates without knowing a single word yet leave our center after a few months speaking like native speakers!

Quality Control

We make sure that all our students are have reached the level of proficiency before we issue them Certificates of Proficiency.

Communicative Method

We endeavour to manage learners and create opportunities for communication, which is seen as an approach to language teaching!

Our Instructors

Our Expert Instructor

Kamya Deogratias


German & Russian Languages

John Pedrocas


French & Spanish Languages

Angela Lane


English & French Languages

Arthur Taylor


English & Greek Languages